Child Care Tips




For parents of many newborns, choosing child care can be a daunting task. With the help of our website child care Centre locator, you can simply enter your zip code and it will share the nearest possible daycare Centre’s list with you and especially the licensed and registered through the Ohio State of Department. As per our experience, whether you choose a formal child-care center, family day care, or in-home care, there are some basic things you should know and insist upon:

1.   Look down:  When you’re visiting the day care, make sure to specially pay attention to how the internal staff interacts with the children.

2.  Ask for a commitment:  We all know that babies need constant and good care. It helps them to form a secure attachment to their caregivers. So, before choosing the curriculum, simply get a commitment in written, that they will be taking good care of your child along with other benefits.

3.  Do a policy check: Find out whether you share parenting values on topics such as discipline?

a. Do the caregivers use time-outs, scolding?
b. Is the TV on all day or used sparingly, if at all?
c. What snacks or drinks are provided for older babies?
d. When are naps offered? How are fussy babies put to sleep?

The more questions you ask early on, the less likely you are to be unpleasantly surprised later.

4.  Drop by and spy: We advise you to consider making an unexpected or uninformed visit to the Daycare, a few times after you’ve enrolled your child, just to see how things are going. Sometimes your visits will confirm that the place is right for you, but sometimes they’ll be a real eye-opener for you and your child! It will save the hassle.

5.  Keep talking:  Till the time your baby talks, you will be relying on what the caregiver tells you about your child’s day. Make sure you can communicate comfortably with each other on daily basis for the betterment of your child!

6.  Trust your gut: We believe; every parent knows when something doesn’t feel quite right, just make sure to pass a visit, whenever you’re having these negative vibes. You may be turned off by a center everyone in town raves about or clash with a highly recommended sitter.

7.  Be open to change:  You’re not bound or married to a particular day care or situation, and if things don’t work out, you can always make a switch. It’s not your choice, it’s apparently your RIGHT!