welcome to kidzenia

Kidzenia accompanies children of all abilities and offers a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment that promotes your child’s development through each stage. Our experienced staff is committed and dedicated to providing all families and opportunity to receive a positive, and high quality educational experience that will allow their children to become lifelong learners and experience a sense of belonging.

Kidzenia supports families and children by providing a top quality and nationally recognized curriculum that embraces individual, and team participation in our program. Having our families feel included in their child’s education is a top priority at Kidzenia. Inclusion is not just a strategy we use to help children overcome certain challenges; to us inclusion is a way of life.


Children are a gift. It is our mission to provide all children and families an opportunity to experience a loving, nurturing, high
quality educational experience that inspires children to become successful, life-long learners.


Our vision is quite simple. As a high-quality early education center, we want to inspire children to become successful in their
future, and to have a love for learning that follows them throughout their lifetime. Which is why Kidzenia provides quality early education that values, appreciates, and respects every family we serve.


  • Caring – to provide for; to lovingly watch over
  • Safety – to provide security; to protect
  • Learning – to gain knowledge of
  • Belonging – to be a part of; to be connected with
  • Self Esteem – to feel valuable; to feel confident in
  • Trust – to believe in; to have confidence in
  • Happiness – to feel contentment; to be satisfied
  • Personal Development – to grow; to realize one’s potential


Children and their activities matter. That’s why, we are proud to announce and provide childcare and daycare services that will keeps babies, toddlers and preschoolers safe, loved, and learning. All you need is to trust Kidzenia with your child’s early care and education. We will make sure that our partnership with you and your family will nurture your child’s amazing potential, and will ensure the spent time will be fully fun-filled.


In order to excel we focus on being “extraordinary, exceptional, one of a kind and extremely distinctive”. Yet the faith and believe has to be with Kidzenia. We tend to provide each infant, baby and preschooler a “surprising, remarkable, and exceptional” service in their respective manners.

Let us tell you, why Kidzenia is an amazing and exceptional place for your child’s early childhood care and education:

Regardless of the enrollment age to our Kidzenia family, you’ll see that delicate, humbled interaction with kids. We will provide them love and affection so that they feel it just like HOME.

We know that the best age of development for any kid starts from 2 to 8 years. We focus on your child social and emotional development which helps them excel in building their foundation skills from birth to pre-school, incorporating activities which will benefit your little one by giving them the best opportunity and platform to succeed in life and formal education.

Parent partnership is the only key to extensive care, because it will link the home and Kidzenia Centre life. You have to communicate/ deliver us the best knowledge about your child which will help us to learn more about your child! We will help your little one to enrich and nurture their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, interests, needs and their response to those need will create a sense of belongingness.

Spending the day with any little one is a God’s gift! It will be our privilege to be able to help you and reach those amazing milestones with safety, learning and love.