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Kidzenia Learning Center LLC is a high-quality program that offers a comprehensive curriculum, educated staff, and a safe and nurturing environment. We have a before and after school program, a quality Preschool and Pre-K program, and an infant toddler program. All of these programs support the growth of the whole child by specializing in individual instruction and learning to meet the needs of each child.


Kidzenia accompanies children of all abilities and offers a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment that promotes your child’s development through each stage. Our experienced staff is committed and dedicated to providing all families and opportunity to receive a positive, and high quality educational experience that will allow their children to become lifelong learners and experience a sense of belonging.

Kidzenia supports families and children by providing a top quality and nationally recognized curriculum that embraces individual, and team participation in our program. Having our families feel included in their child’s education is a top priority at Kidzenia. Inclusion is not just a strategy we use to help children overcome certain challenges; to us inclusion is a way of life.

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